Whether you are wanting coaching to improve your life, health or business the best way to work is to bring in as many different tools and techniques into the sessions to assist you in creating change in the shortest time possible and to work with the Unconscious Mind rather than the mind of reason and rational!

Often when people consider making changes and going for goals emotions and doubts come into play and often it is these emotions whether they be fears or doubts that has people think “oh I cant do that, lets just keep doing this” when they know that “this” is the opposite of what they really want and is making them miserable. When we consider that we are only using about 10% the potential of the brain and mind, imagine what is “really” possible if we were to be running on 100% and then when we think about what is really possible it can make us gulp at what we may need to do to make this possibility into a reality.

Now fears and emotions, doubts and concerns are all part of being human they are pathways for growth and personal development and the way to create results most quickly and comfortably is to remove these doubts, emotions and any limitations that we come across.

The quickest and most comfortable way to create change is to use techniques that remove any fears and doubts we may have rather than having to fight through them. By working with the Unconscious Mind we can remove a life times worth of fear in about 5 / 10 minutes, that’s quick and that because the mind that looks after our emotions and is responsible for all change, learning and behaviour is quick! It’s the Conscious Mind the thinking mind that often is getting in peoples way and slows down peoples time to create change and success because they are thinking too much and using the wrong mind to create the results they want – in the same way that it would be impossible to drive forward when the car is in the reverse gear.

The best way to work and the way that has people achieve results and create change most quickly is a combination of therapeutic techniques and coaching. Therapeutic techniques such as Time Line Therapy tm enable a person to remove any negative emotions or limiting decisions from the past in the way of their success and then coaching is more forward focused, so now the person has removed all mental and emotional barriers to being who they are and having what they really want, coaching works to create a structure for them to work within to create results and success going forward.

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