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By using hypnotherapy for childbirth you can have a better experience of pregnancy and labour. Childbirth is one of the most amazing experiences that you will experience in your life time, giving birth to your son and daughter and creating another human being is just something that words cannot describe.

However, even though childbirth is an experience that you will never forget, it is also an experience that some expecting mothers fear.

This is why more and more expecting mothers are using hypnotherapy for childbirth, it is a technique that was used by Princess Kate Middleton for the birth of Prince George and many more woman around the UK are using Childbirth Hypnotherapy to help them prepare for the birth of their child by addressing any concerns they may have about childbirth and to reduce the pain and the length of labour.

Childbirth Hypnotherapy has been around for many years now, Claire Hegarty has been help women all over the UK to address any fears they may have with giving birth as well as helping them to reduce pain, but now thanks to Princess Kate Middleton Childbirth Hypnotherapy experience hitting the headlines, more women are now aware that you can use hypnosis to help with your pregnancy and deal with any issues you may have.

Some studies have found that mothers who used hypnotherapy for childbirth to relax them for the birth of their son or daughter, have found their babies are more likely to sleep and feed better.

There are many famous people who have used hypnotherapy for childbirth, I grant you that Princess Kate Middleton is the most famous person to have used childbirth hypnotherapy but there has been many other well known people who have used the technique. This includes, Nell McAndrew who used the hypnosis technique to help her prepare and to use the natural state of hypnosis, deep relaxation and the power of suggestion to “enhance” pregnancy and the “birth experience”.

Why is hypnotherapy effective for childbirth?

When we think of hypnotherapy, a lot of people think about Paul McKenna on ITV doing stage hypnosis and when you are on holiday seeing a hypnosis person making people laugh by getting people from the audience up on stage, this is called stage hypnosis, but in reality, hypnotherapy is not about the days of when Paul McKenna got people on stage to make the audience laugh, hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool that can help with so many different things, these include weight loss, stop smoking and of course childbirth.

Childbirth should be a beautiful and memorable experience, unfortunately due to the media, myths and rumours, a lot of people fear giving birth. When we feel afraid, this could be being afraid of going to the dentist, afraid of flying or afraid of giving birth, our nervous system starts to kick in, it will produce adrenalin which will fuel the fight or flight system. When this happens with a woman who is giving birth, it could cause the cervix to tighten, this is done because your brain is worried about your baby being born in an unsafe environment. When you are emotional and worried about giving birth, this can put a lot of stress on you and drain your mind and body, it is important that when you are giving birth you are relaxed and by using hypnosis for childbirth, you can be relaxed.

Hypnotherapy for childbirth is a powerful tool, a tool that is helping mothers all around the UK and the world to have a better experience when giving birth to their loved one.

Facts On The Use Of Hypnotherapy For Childbirth

To help you understand more about hypnotherapy for childbirth, I have included some facts and stats below on the use of giving birth using hypnosis.

A study in America found

  • 15% of pregnant women who used hypnosis to give birth required pain relief, this is compared to 70% of women giving birth needing pain relief who did not use hypnotherapy for the birth of their child.
  • 20% of mums who used hypnotherapy for their childbirth required an epidural, this is compared to 70% who did not use hypnosis.

In The UK

    A study found that women who used hypnotherapy for their childbirth faced a reduction in the length of labour with 70 hypnosis patients spending on average 6h 21 min in labour compared to women who did not use hypnosis spending 9h 45 min in labour.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Hypnosis For Childbirth

Now you have learnt more about hypnotherapy for childbirth, lets look at the benefits of childbirth hypnosis.

• Hypnotherapy can help reduce labour time
• By using childbirth hypnosis it can reduce fatigue in the mother during and after birth
• Hypnosis can increases the chances of children feeding and sleeping better
• Hypnosis can help aches and discomforts during pregnancy
• During your pregnancy hypnosis can help morning sickness
• If you would like a natural birth then hypnotherapy can assists the natural birth
• Hypnosis can speed up post birth recovery

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