Are there areas in your life that you would really like to change? Maybe you have certain problems that are holding you back such as health issues, relationship difficulties, stress, struggling to lose weight, fed up with your career? Have you been experiencing problems for some time and have given many approaches a go and still not had the success and results you want so are about to give up and just “live with it”. Well I would like to share more about how my BREAKTHROUGH SESSION can be the key to your health, happiness and success, no matter where you are now, what other approaches you have tried and what you think or believe is possible, read on to find out how there is a way that will work for you and have you experience the change you have always wanted to!


Imagine knowing that you can have what you want in life, you can have a career you love, the body you really want, the relationship of your dreams and all the financial wealth you desire, you can be free of ill health, weight issues, emotional baggage, phobias, stress and limiting thought patterns, behaviours and perceptions, you know that any problems you may have had have been resolved and all the areas you want to change can be changed AND you know HOW to change them. My BREAKTHROUGH session gives you the whole mind body and soul package, you become free of anything in the way of your living your true potential and making your dreams come true, you know what you want and how to make it happen and then its just a matter of simply making it happen so you are free to live your true passions in life!

What is A Breakthough Session?

A BREAKTHROUGH session is s super charged, intensive complete mind, body, soul and life transformation day, you will even start to experience this transformation before you come to the day as you will have been carrying out various tasks to create change leading up to the day and we will know exactly all the areas you want to address and change and what you want instead. Then as well as teaching you many powerful change and personal development tools and techniques we work to enable you to completely transform there and then so that by the end of the day you are the new and transformed you! Due to the way the session is constructed you are able to create change in many different areas on multiple levels working through many problems and areas for change simultaneoulsy. This session works on the premise that problems sit within a hierarchy within in the mind with a lynch pin or root cause sitting at the top, without this lynch pin it is impossible for the heirchy to stand, by removing the lynch pin, the hierarchy can no longer stand and so all the problems disappear! By discovering this you can quickly and easily resolve and remove problems and create change, working at an identity level which then ripples this change through all areas of who you are and then your life. The second part of the day is where I guide you through, teach and share with you many powerful deep change and personal development techniques which as well as enabling you to create deep quick and lasting change and transformation on the day you are also empowered with to use for your ongoing personal development and transformation in all areas of your life (SEE MY PERSONAL DEVELEOPMENT COACHING PROGRAMME). These techniques include TIME LINE THERAPY tm enabling you to remove all negative emotions such as ANGER, SADNESS, FEAR, HURT AND GUIILT from eh past and any limiting beliefs you may be housing about who you are and what is really capable, such as “I don’t deserve success”, “I’m not able to achieve want I want”, also Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Shamanic techniques and much much more! By the end of the day you know a life times worth of problems have been resolved, you feel completely differently and have al you need form a mental, emotional and spiritual point of view to go forward and ripple out this change and transformation into all areas of your life, a process that I coach and mentor you thought!


Many of my clients come to me saying how they have been positive thinking and reading self help books and still unable to create change and get rid of the problems that they have, while positive thinking and self help books are a great resource they may not provide you with the tools and techniques necessary to create the change that you want and that’s OK because my BREAKTHROUGH SESSION DOES!!! One of the main reasons that “thinking” along doesn’t necessarily create deep and lasting change is for the same simple reason that it would be impossible to drive forward when the car was in reverse. The mind that we think with is a different mind than that we create change with the Unconscious Mind. During the session I will be teaching you how to work with both minds and then using very skilled questions to unlock the Unconscious root cause of the problems you are experiencing and working at an Identity level to create the deepest and most profound change. The Unconscious Mind houses all of our emotions, beliefs, memories, runs our body and much much more so during the session we will be unlocking and removing any limiting beliefs, emotions, perceptions that you have about yourself whether this be linked in with low confidence, bad health a phobia or fears about setting up a new business, so that you can resolve and remove all of these barriers and then have all that you need within your Unconscious Mind to go forward and create the life you really want to, giving yourself new beliefs, perceptions, ways of thinking and processing that may have always been there for you and because of the emotions and limitations we just got rid of you didn’t know your true possibility and now you do! Following on from this session you will then be coaching through implementing all these new tools and techniques to create more and more change, transformation, happiness and success in all areas of life!

What if?

You knew that you can now create your life exactly how you want it, you a free of any problems you were experiencing, emotional baggage and mental limitations you may have been carrying around for some time have now vanished as if by magic, you are emotionally free, you are happy, healthy and empowered with all you need to make your dreams come true, you know what you want and how to make it happen and you know with 100% certainty that it will happen, your life is now for living, you are happy with who you are and where you are going, full of energy, vitality and strength and everyone around you is noticing how happy you are as this transformation ripples through your own life and those around you!


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