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Are you fed up with dieting and losing weight just to put it all back on with interest! Are you a serial dieter and have spent most of your adult life on a diet? Maybe you have done the more extreme diets like cabbage soup diets which while create weight loss are not healthy nor are they sustainable as they are ultimately starving the body, have you spend £1000.00’s over the years on dieting, sliming clubs, diet pills, gym memberships, new wardrobes and still are not able to maintain a weight you are happy with? Have you looked into the surgery route as a last resort and would rather find a different way if possible
If you are reading this thinking to yourself “that describes me down to a tea!” then do keep reading to find out about how are 3 day weight loss course is the first step to you leaving behind years of dieting to moving forward to the new slim and healthy you –

Why attend our 3 day Weight loss Course?

For all of the reasons you have just read above and because you know that dieting doesn’t work for you, you want to be able to change the relationship you have with food, to regain your self confidence, motivation and self worth, feel good about yourself once again and to be able to get to and maintain a happy healthy body weight in a way that steps away from the whole world of “dieting”,in a way where you can have choice around food, enjoy your food, eat out and do all of the things that give you the quality of life and health you want and desire. You are fed up of having the “Monday morning motivation” and want to learn how to always be motivated to achieve your goals not just when you have a wedding or holiday coming up. Claire Hegarty our lead trainer has been successfully assisting clients to lose weight and maintain a happy healthy body weight for the past decade and will be sharing with you the keys and steps to successful weight loss in a way that is enjoyable and easy too!

What is involved in our 3 day Weight loss Course?

  • We will first start by taking a snap shot of where you are now and what you perceive is holding you back from achieving your weight loss goals, we explore past efforts you have done, what you eat, when you eat and why you eat.
  • Most clients will tell me that they know what they should do and not do in terms of the foods to eat and not to eat, this isn’t so much what they want help with, they want help with why they eat, why they don’t get full and so we want to explore this first
  • We then want to look at where you want to be instead, what are you weight loss goals and making sure that they are realistic and healthy targets…too many people I find are striving for what I consider “unrealistic” goals and targets that they have read off a chart of off the internet, they are striving to get to a clothes size or body weight that either doesn’t suit their frame or is just too light and so an unhealthy weight which is why they are not finding it so easy to achieve. We are all different and come in different shapes and sizes and I think we all know the weight / clothes size that we feel most happiest and healthiest at – this is your own personal target to work towards
Once we know where you are now, what’s in the way of your achievements and where you want to get to, Claire then guides the group through many powerful change techniques to assist you in making the changes inside required of you to achieve your results and removing past or present mental / emotional blocks and barriers – so you mind is then set in the right place to achieve your long term goals
The techniques Claire guides you through come from her 14 years experience in the personal development world and include NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Time Line Therapy ®, Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis, Motivation and Goal Setting work
once you have been guided through these very powerful and leading edge change techniques you also get to explore your health values to understand how you can have consistent motivation to achieve your goals
Claire also teaches you how to set goals in a way that ensures you achieve them
By the end of the 3 days as well as learning many new mind sets and techniques you will also have changed and transformed so you leave with a new you, changed and transformed and fully motivated to achieve your goals

How does our 3 day Weight Loss Course work?

During the 3 days Claire will be working with the group and you will also work with your fellow peers in set exercises and at all times you will get a lot of one on one attention and coaching if you have any questions or require any support or guidance with any of the techniques, Claire’s coaching team are highly skilled and experienced Hypnotherapists who are there to support you through the training and Claire herself will also offer you coaching where she can share with you the keys to successful weight loss from her years of experience and helping clients.
Claire has been working in the field of personal development for 14 years now and has been carrying out Breakthrough Sessions with clients for the past 10 years one of her areas of specially and expertise is that of weight loss and weight management, Claire is on e of the most experienced Hypnotherapists and Breakthrough Therapists in the UK and wants to share her learning’s and experience to assist you in achieving your goals. Claire has a BSc with honours in Chemistry is also a Certified Trainer of NLP, Certified Trainer of Master Time Line Therapy ®, Certified Trainer of Hypnotherapy, Certified NLP Coach Trainer, Certified NLP Master Coach, Certified Master Hypnotherapists, Certified Reiki Master and also trained in various different spiritual techniques and trainings which include Huna – Ancient Hawaiian Shamanism, American Indian Shamanism
We first want to explore where you are now, what is in the way of your achievements, is this eating habits, what you eat, when you eat, why you eat, do you comfort eat, emotional eat, stress eat, are you punishing yourself in any way with food, do you go long periods of time skipping meals and then grab all the wrong foods? Do you have certain mental or emotional blocks to your achievements, for example low confidence or low self esteem so even when you have lost weight in the past you still weren’t fully happy in yourself because of your lack of confidence? Do you not find it easy to stay motivated for longer than a few weeks and so give up and slip back into old ways, is food your treat to yourself or your reward for when you feel good and then to help you feel good when you feel low, are you not able to be very active due to life style or maybe health conditions. By exploring where you are now you will know what is required to be changed inside to assist you in achieving your goals
Claire will guide you and teach you many powerful change techniques which include –
NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) an amazingly powerful model for understanding how the mind works that enables you to change any elements of your mind that isn’t currently working for you such as limiting beliefs, bad habits, negative behaviours. NLP is also a fantastic model for the “mind-body” connection to enable you to lose weight in a way that is healthy and sustainable. We work with your health values, values are what provides motivation and for people to be able to be constantly motivated then its required that their values work in the right way for them – this is such an important part of weight loss and I believe one of the biggest “differences that make the difference”. Get your mind set in the right place with supporting and positive emotions and beliefs and get your values working in the right way for you then you are naturally and consistently motivated to achieve your goals, which makes achieving them enjoyable and easy
Time Line Therapy ® one of the most powerful set of change techniques on the planet, you are able to releases all negative emotions from the past, emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt, break out of unwanted behaviour patterns like comfort eating and “yo-yo” dieting, remove limiting beliefs like “i’m not worthy”, “Im not confident”, “I cant stay motivated”, “Im not in control” and also teaches you how to programme your future and set goals in a way that assist you in achieving your goals
Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis again a very powerful set of techniques that work with your Unconscious Mind to enable your mind and body to most easily achieve your goals. As human beings we often do things that don’t make sense, this comes into dieting too when people time and time again will say that when they are “dieting” they know what the should do and shouldn’t do and then for some reason they are not motivated to do what they should do and very motivated to do the things they shouldn’t and this doesn’t make sense as they so want to lose weight. This is because the mind that drives your behaviours is the Unconscious mind rather than the logical mind and that’s why we work with Hypnotherapy to work with the Unconscious mind so that the behaviours and habits you have are positive and support you in achieving your goals
The 3 days are very interactive and a combination of Claire teaching, demonstrating techniques, work in smaller groups and where Claire works with the whole group. The beauty of techniques like Time Line Therapy ® is that the whole process is carried out in the privacy of your own mind! Many people love this as they have not been keen on the slimming groups where you have to share with the group your weight and what you have lost or gained that week. With Time Line Therapy ® everything is done in the privacy of your mind and many people like to share their experiences and that’s then down to personal choice
The group size is limited to only 10 people to make sure you at all times get a high level of coaching, support and assistance and during the 3 days you will change and transform, remove blocks and barriers, learn many powerful mind sets and technique and leave motivated and ready to achieve your goals

What if you attended the 3 day weight loss course?

Imagine being able to once and for all stop dieting and find a way that works and makes losing weight easy? Imagine spending 3 days on yourself where you have the opportunity to change and transform, re gain your confidence, self belief and self worth, feel good about yourself once again and know you can achieve your weight loss goals, all that’s required now is the action to make that happen? Imagine being free of having to “diet” and not being in control of your eating where you can now step into a world where you are in control of your eating, you have choice around the foods you eat and you can still lose weight and have treats too, you can eat out, have friends around, you want to have photographs taken where as before you did your best to stay out of them and all the areas that were previously impacted by your weight are now starting to change as you change more and more. Imagine then taking the action to get to your target weight / clothes size, its easy for you to take action and you are always motivated and then once you get their its easy for you to maintain that weight / clothes size? These 3 days are the first step to your successful weight loss goals, its the first step of the new you, to become happy and confident in who you are and how you look
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