Do you suffer with eczema, psoriasis or any other skin conditions? Are you often kept awake at night itching and uncomfortable? Are you starting to not feel comfortable about yourself sue to how your skin looks, maybe it is often red and inflamed or white and flaky, have you noticed whether certain foods seem to effect your skin and maybe that when you are stressed your symptoms can become worse?

Our skin acts as a barrier to the outside world, pollutants, water and also other people, if we find at times that our barrier or boundaries are being tested or not respected in the way that we want this can manifest in our bodies, often our skin and this can be our self as well as others. The body acts as a mirror for the mind and what is going on inside for us and often manifests in our body because we may not have been paying total attention to how we felt and so this is a different way to get our attention

If you are suffering with any form of skin condition, then I would recommend you book onto my BREAKTHGROUGH AND PERSONAL DEVELEOPMENT COACHING PROGRAMME where through tailored and skilled questions we will work together to look at, from a holistic mind / body / lifestyle / diet point of view may be linked in and have started the symptoms and also is there anything in the present that is triggering off the symptoms and then by using techniques such as Time Line Therapy tm and Hypnotherapy you will then be able to remove any emotions, stresses and problem perceptions that were linked in with your system and therefore releasing your mind to be able to have all the energy and focus the mind and body needs to start to have your skin repair and get back to normal and maybe even in better condition than it was before PLUS as you know now what in terms of your lifestyle and interactions with others was causing the symptoms you know what you need to change and do differently going forward to ensure you skin stays healthy and the way you want it and then because you are feeling so great about yourself ad who you are you want to cerate more and more change in all areas of life a process that I coach, mentor and assist you though ongoing from the session on your own PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT COACHING PROGRAMME!



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