Are you constantly never happy with how you look? Do you yo yo diet a lot and even when you get to a weight you are happy with, something still just isn’t “right”, are you happy with your weight and shape and can never seem to find the right colours and styles to suit you? Are you not sure what colours to wear and how to best demonstrate who you are through the clothes you wear?

Well here is the great news no matter how happy or unhappy you are with your body and image now, we have your own personalised “Better Body Image Programme” to offer you, where we will work from the inside out, enabling you to feel great about yourself, have all the confidence and self esteem you want being totally comfortable with who you are and the body you are in then you will spend a whole day shopping with Claire to find which colours, styles, jewellery best suit you and bring you the best in your and who you really are….does it seem to you that others so easily seem to be able to put colours together, know how to find the bargains, know how to carry clothes so they look a million dollars…..let Claire open you up to the secrets of how these people do this, so you can too look a million dollars!

The programme will start with an initial consultation where you are able to share exactly what you want to get out of the programme, what you may have tried before, what you would like to experience and get any questions answered you may have. Claire will then explain exactly what you will get out of the programme each and every stage of the way and how each step will be tailored to you, working in a way that best suits who you are as a person and the results you want to achieve

Depending on your starting point, the next stage may be a Breakthrough Session which enables a person to have a major Breakthrough about who they are, removing any negative emotions and limiting beliefs about who they think they are and how they perceive themselves and their body…ongoing from this a tailored personal development and life transformation coaching programme will be designed to enable you to ripple out this “new empowered you” into all areas of your life.

Where ever your starting point may be, all work will be tailored to you with your own personal programme enabling you to create the results and change you want to in the quickest and most suitable way.

After your personal transformation when you then feel how you “really” want to feel about yourself and your body, you have the confidence, self-esteem, body image and perception of yourself, which at one point seemed only like a dream, we then have a whole day of transformational shopping!!!

From 8.30 am this is your day, you pick where you would like to go shopping this can be any city of your choice! We then spend the whole day finding colours that best suit you, styles that accentuate your body and shape, looking at how you can work with clothes to bring out who you really are and express your personality, jewellery styles, colours and designs that compliment who you now are and the clothes that you wear so by the end of the day you know exactly which way to dress to bring out the best of who you are both inside and out!

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