Do you experience a lot of stress in your life? Is every day a chore and filled with dread and discomfort? Would you love to be able to quickly relax and give yourself 30 minutes peace even if just for once a week? Does low energy and lack of motivation cause you daily problems and you so desperately are looking for a way to be energised but just don’t know how? Maybe you are already energised and a busy life style gives you little you time to relax and chill out, regardless of your situation come along to find out how a Reiki Session can give you the peace, relaxation and “me time” you may rarely get to experience!

Why have a Reiki Sessions?

Imagine experiencing more calm in your life, during both the sessions and whilst going by your daily routine, imagine having a way to de-stress each week enabling you to experience calm and relaxation…. wouldn’t that add value to the whole of your life outside of the sessions? Maybe you are unwell or have experienced an injury of some sort. Reiki can really help the body kick-start into wellness- working with and increasing the body’s own energy to be even better prepared to repair itself and have all that is needed to start to become well. How are your vitality levels – if you perceive they could be better then Reiki is the approach for you!

What is a Reiki?

Reiki is an energy system, an energy system that is very healing and passive. Legend has it that Reiki was created by the Goddess Quan Yin as she heard the cries of mothers and their children and because of this is often experienced as a very passive energy and experience. At the beginning of your Reiki session it will be explained to you about Reiki, the mind / body connection and the experience of energy healing and what energy is – this also gives you an opportunity to ask any questions and dispel any myths about Reiki and energy work. You will be asked to lie down comfortably on a treatment table and then taken through a deep relaxation process using Hypnosis and breathing techniques to quickly get you into a state of calm – putting all the thoughts / hustle and bustle of the outside world where it belongs – outside! The Reiki Master, having explained to you about Chakras will then start, without any physical contact, flowing the Reiki energy into the 7 different Chakras one at a time, while you relax and enjoy the process of Reiki in a mental, emotional and physical state of peace, calm and wellbeing. The session will be between 30 minutes to an hour long and at the end of the session you will gently be guided back into the room, whilst still holding onto that experience of peace, calm and serenity to come back into your normal waking state so as it is perfectly safe for you to carry on with whatever activities you had for that day – driving, being with the family, going back to work. If you can, it is advised to be able to book your session and then, either go home and relax or sit for a while and have a glass of water, read the paper – just some still time, before going back into the pace of your normal life style. You will be being advised by the Reiki Master to drink at least 1 / 2 litres of water a day as part of your new relaxation routine and also the opportunity to book a series of weekly Reiki sessions to incorporate into your newly experienced approach to life!

How does Reiki work?

Our body houses 7 main Chakras which can also be described as energy centres, there are Chakras throughout the whole body all of them being connected by energy lines or meridians. By working with the Chakras and Mind / Body connection the Reiki energy is flowed into each of the 7 Chakras one at a time, stimulating and activating the wonderful energy in each Charka and also stimulating the flow throughout the meridians and between each of the Chakras, creating a very calm, serene and healing experience which cleanses and cultivates the nervous system leaving you feeling calm, relaxed and energised.

What if?

Imagine having a deep sense of calm and relaxation, maybe for the first time in a long time – feeling and experiencing yourself as who you really are and how you are meant to be. Imagine that no matter how busy or not easy your daily routine may become, having the peace of mind to know that you have your weekly Reiki Session coming up, being your sanctuary and way to escape from the hustle and bustle of every day life, you may even find that you start to notice a difference in your health, your vitality, your energy and strength – being more of who you were really meant to be!




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