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Smoking Cannabis Addiction Can Be Beaten By Using Hypnotherapy

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In the United Kingdom 12 million people have tried an illegal drug according to a recent report, if you can imagine that number in real terms; this means that more people in the UK have tried drugs than watch Coronation Street. The real problem is the number of people who become addicted to illegal drugs, this not only destroys a person’s life who has become addicted but it also destroys the lives of their loved ones, and this is why more people who have become addicted to Cannabis are using hypnotherapy and NLP to help beat their addiction.

If you are serious about beating your addiction to Cannabis then you have come to the right place. Claire Hegarty as seen on television is a leading Hypnotherapy expert and as such she works with clients with a whole range of problems which also includes their addiction to Cannabis. Claire can help you to beat your smoking addiction to Cannabis and help you to lead a normal happy lifestyle by become drug free. By reading our information on Cannabis Addiction, you are taking the first steps in the right direction to beating your Cannabis Addiction.

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About Cannabis Addiction

Cannabis addiction is a serious issue, there is no point burying our heads in the sand, Cannabis addiction is not only costing the UK millions of pounds each year in crime with people who are addicted to Cannabis trying to feed their habit, Cannabis Addiction is also destroying lives and more importantly killing people. This is why, if you are addicted to Cannabis or if you have a loved one who is addicted to Cannabis, you should be reading this page with information on how hypnotherapy can help you beat your smoking addiction to Cannabis.

You may be a person who spokes Cannabis and feels you do not have a problem, you may feel that your addiction is not something to worry about, but let me explain to you about the health issues that are associated to Cannabis Addiction. These including dependency problems, mental health problems and not forgetting serious lung damage.

What Are The Effects of Cannabis

We get asked a lot by people who have a loved one that is addicted to smoking Cannabis what the side effects are, so below we have listed some of the more common side effects of smoking Cannabis.

  • Some people who smoke cannabis may feel chilled our, relaxed and happy, while other people who try and smoke cannabis feel sick.
  • Other people may get the giggles when smoking cannabis
  • Some people get hunger pangs which are common and are known as ‘getting the munchies’.
  • Users may become more aware of their senses or feel that time is slowing down. These feelings are due to its hallucinogenic effects.
  • A stronger joint (typically when skunk or sinsemilla is used) may have more powerful effects. Some users may moderate these effects by using less cannabis. Others may find it becomes tempting to binge smoke.

What Are The Risks of Smoking Cannabis

As well as stating the obvious of the risk of smoking cannabis, which includes destroying your life, destroying the lives of people around you, not to mention the possibility of you being sent to prison if you turn to crime to feed your addiction, below we look at the other risks that can be connected to smoking Cannabis and Cannabis Addiction.

The following risks are associated with cannabis use:

  • By smoking Cannabis you may become anxious, you may also become panicky, suspicious or you may even find yourself becoming paranoid.
  • By using Cannabis, it can affect your co-ordination; this is one of the reasons why police are clamping down on people who drive while under the influence of an illegal drug. By driving while under the influence of an illegal drug, it can have the same effect as driving while drunk.
  • Unfortunately a lot of people think Cannabis is not something to worry about, this maybe down to celebrities who use the drug which some people say they are glamourizing Cannabis, while others say people who smoke Cannabis are not aware of the damages that can be caused through the illegal drug due to ignorance and lack of education and public information on the potential dangers of Cannabis Addiction, but the truth is, Cannabis Addiction and smoking Cannabis is something to worry about and can harm you.
  • Cannabis can affect your heart and increase your heart rate and can also affect your blood pressure.
  • Cannabis can cause paranoia in the short term, but in those with a pre-existing psychotic illness, such as schizophrenia, it can contribute to relapse.
  • Using cannabis can cut a man’s sperm count and reduce sperm motility. It can suppress ovulation in women and so may affect fertility.
  • If you are pregnant and smoke cannabis they it could affect your unborn baby where it could be born smaller than you and the doctors would expect.
  • Smoking cannabis can make it more difficult to learn and concentrate; some people who smoke cannabis feel tired and are unable to get motivated.

Hypnotherapy Can Help You Beat Your Cannabis Addiction

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool and can help you to beat your addiction to Cannabis. We offer a unique service where we work with clients from all over the UK who are addicted to smoking Cannabis and who would like to beat their addiction; we help them by using a number of powerful tools including Hypnotherapy and NLP.

Are you smoking Cannabis and wake up in the morning needing a quick fix? If you struggle without using Cannabis for a week, day or hour then you need help and we are here for you.

We can help you to beat your addiction by using our unique stop smoking Cannabis Hypnotherapy service, where we will work with you to find out the real reason why you got addicted to cannabis. We will first deal with all those issues and then move forward to help you to beat your addiction to Cannabis. We will deal with your desire to turn to Cannabis; we will stop your cravings for Cannabis and help to stop your dependency for Cannabis. By using Hypnotherapy you will not miss or have cravings to smoke Cannabis.

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