Hypnosis Confidence and Breakthrough Sessions to boost your Confidence

How to get the Confidence you’ve always wanted with NLP and Breakthrough Sessions

We offer powerful Results with Hypnosis Confidence Therapy. If you have problems with Confidence then try our Hypnosis Confidence and Breakthrough Sessions for confidence.

Could a Breakthrough Session be the key to the confident you?

Does lack of self-confidence hold you back in life? Are there many things you would love to do but just don’t believe you can do them? Maybe you see others achieving so many things and wish you could too? Are there dreams and desires that you think about and wish you could make possible and then something gets in your way? Maybe those around you are full of positive comments about you and you just don’t seem to be able to see in it yourself? Maybe you have had small or large changes in your life recently that have knocked your confidence? Is your lack of confidence causing you problems in your relationships? Are you shying away from work opportunities? Do you get asked to do presentations and the thought of this fills you with dread as you don’t feel or believe you are confident or good enough to do this? Are you a mum who has been at home with your children and now they are grown up you would love to get back into work and a career? Are you struggling with your weight, which is then in turn impacting on your confidence and self-belief?

No matter what past or present barriers are impacting on your confidence and self belief, read on to find out how my Breakthrough session is the key to being able to remove and be free of these barriers to be able to be the confident person you really and truly want to be and achieve all that you desire

Why a BREAKTHGROUGH SESSION For Confidence and Self-Belief?

Imagine believing in yourself 100%, believe that anything is possible for you, the goals and dreams that were once day dreams are now becoming real and you are living your life free of al the old past or present limitations, believing in yourself, brimming with confidence and knowing you can achieve the things you set your heart on, the old un confident you is a thing of the past and you are being the person you have always wanted to be, achieving all the many things you have always wanted to.

My BREAKTHROUGH SESSSION gives you a personalized programme to remove anything linking and causing you to not have the inner confidence and self-belief that you want. I assist you in removing these links, blocks and barriers so you can be free of them, then our continued work together as the new and confident you enables you to create the very most out of each and every day and each and every area of your life. All the things that you previously avoided or didn’t go for, such as your goals and dreams, public speaking, setting up businesses, your ideal job, your ideal relationship you know have all the confidence and self belief that you can make these happen and by way of a tailored coaching programme I assist and support you in making this become real

What is A Breakthrough Session?

A BREAKTHROUGH session is a super charged, intensive complete mind, body, soul and life transformation day, you will even start to experience this transformation before you come to the day as you will have been carrying out various tasks to start the change process going.

Leading up to the day we will be working together looking into all the different experiences and aspects of life were you confidence and self belief isn’t how you want it to be and also teaching you techniques so you can start to experience yourself differently and explore different and new ways to approach situations meaning that before you even get to the Breakthrough Session we start working together straight away enabling you to commence with your transformation. Then as well as teaching you many powerful change and personal development tools and techniques we work to enable you to completely transform there and then so that by the end of the day you are the new and transformed you free of the unconfident you!

Due to the way the session is constructed you are able to create change in many different areas on multiple levels working through many problems and areas for change simultaneously, addressing mentally and emotionally all that is linking in, causing and creating you to not have the inner self confidence and belief tat you want to gave and preventing you from being, doing and having what you really want in your life so you can resolve these to ten become the person you truly want to be and create what you want to in all situations and areas of your personal and professional life

This session works on the premise that problems sit within a hierarchy within in the mind with a lynch pin or root cause sitting at the top, without this lynch pin it is impossible for the hierarchy to stand so by removing the lynch pin the hierarchy can no longer stand and so all the problems disappear! By discovering this lynch pin you can quickly and easily resolve and remove problems and create change, working at an identity level which then ripples change through all areas of who you are and then your life. The second part of the day is where I guide you through, teach and share with you many powerful and leading edge deep change and personal development tools and techniques which as well as enabling you to create deep quick and lasting change and transformation on the day you are also empowered with to use for your ongoing personal development and transformation in all areas of your life (SEE MY PERSONAL DEVELEOPMENT COACHING PROGRAMME).

I then work with you for the following months with your own tailored personal and professional life transformation coaching programme supporting and coaching you to create all elements of your life the way you want them to be in complete alignment with the new and transformed you!

These techniques include TIME LINE THERAPY tm enabling you to remove all negative emotions such as ANGER, SADNESS, FEAR, HURT, FRUSTRATION AND GUILT from the past and any limiting beliefs you may be housing about who you are and what you are truly capable of, such as “I don’t deserve success”, “I’m not able to achieve want I want”, “I’m not confident”, “I don’t feel good about myself”, “I’m don’t believe in myself”, “I cant succeed” and any other mental or emotional blocks or barriers linking in with your lack of self belief and confidence problems, also NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Shamanic techniques, techniques from the teachings of Ancient Hawaiian Huna and much much more! By the end of the day you know a life times worth of problems have been resolved, you are free of all blocks and barriers to your confidence and self esteem, you feel completely differently, you are confidence, believe in yourself and our abilities and have all you need from a mental, emotional and spiritual point of view to go forward and ripple out this change and transformation into all areas of your life, a process that I coach and mentor you through!

How does a BREAKTHROUGH SESSION work for Confidence?

Many of my clients come to be because they feel they are lacking in confidence, they are not experiencing life the way they want to, they are not achieving what they want to personally and professionally, they are being held back by their lack of self confidence and feeling limited I their abilities and who they really are, some have a sense of there being more they can achieve and then when they think of this they seem shackled by limiting thoughts and barriers and so just don’t know what to do. While positive thinking and self help books are a great resource they may not provide you with the tools and techniques necessary to create that changes that you want and that’s OK because my BREAKTHROUGH SESSION DOES!!! Many of my clients have been down other routes before and while they found valuable at the time, they quite quickly slipped into “old ways”, my way of working enables you to remove these problems from your life and keep then gone from your life for GOOD!

I will also teach you how to work with your mind to create results most easily and how to know when thinking is a useful and in many times not so useful habit to have! One of the main reasons that “thinking” alone doesn’t necessarily create deep and lasting change is for the same simple reason that it would be impossible to drive forward when the car was in reverse. The mind that we think with is a different mind than that we create change with, the Unconscious Mind.

During the session I will be teaching you how to work with both minds and then using very skilled questions to unlock the Unconscious root cause of the problems you are experiencing, removing anything in the way or linking into your anger, temper and rage problems, working at an identity level to create the deepest and most profound and lasting change taking anger problems out at the root in the same way you would pull a weed from the soil.

The Unconscious Mind houses all of our emotions, beliefs, memories, runs our body and much much more so during the session we will be unlocking and removing any limiting beliefs, emotions, perceptions that you have which are causing and linking in with your lack of confidence and self belief, so that you can resolve and remove all of these barriers and any build of up emotions, beliefs or past experiences which are causing you to no be and have the confidence and self belief that you want to have so you can then have all you need within your Unconscious Mind to be the way you want to be, recapture who you really are, create the life you really want, giving yourself new beliefs, be confident, happy, believe in yourself, positive perceptions, ways of thinking and processing that may have always been there for you and because of the emotions and limitations we just got rid of you didn’t know your true possibility and now you do! Following on from this session you will then be coached through implementing all these new tools and techniques to create more and more ongoing change, transformation, happiness and success in all areas of life!

What if?

You knew the old unconfident you was a thing of the past, the thought of selling out on who you really are and what you really wanted was no longer something you did, you were now confident in who you are, confident in your own skin, brimming with self belief and knowing you can make your dreams and passions become real, you know what you want and how to make it happen, life becomes satisfying and fulfilling as you wake up each and every day with the wonder of everything you can and are now achieving, you have the body you have always wanted, the ideal relationship for you, the career of your dreams and the work life balance you have always strived for. You are going for all the things you previously thought just simply weren’t possible and you know being the you that you have always wanted to by having the things you have always wanted to have!

Hypnosis Confidence and Breakthrough Sessions for Confidence. We offer you powerful Results with Hypnosis Confidence Therapy and Breakthrough Sessions for Confidence.. If you have problems with Confidence and you would like help in sorting them out then try our Hypnosis Confidence and Breakthrough Sessions for confidence.

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