If you would like to completely transform yourself and the world you live in then this is the programme for you! Like everything I do, all work carried out will be tailored to your unique and individual needs enabling you to create change, transformation and results in the quickest way possible. Whether you have a phobia, fear of flying, health problems, relationship difficulties, emotional baggage that you feel is hindering your progress and success in life, limiting thought process and behaviours, unsure in life of which is the best next to turn or wanting to step out of the rat race and set up your own company this is the complete mind, body and soul transformation programme for you.

This Programme offers you complete mind, body, soul and life transformation working with you to remove anything from a mental, emotional and spiritual point of you that is hindering you, causing you problems and in the way of you experiencing the success, health, happiness and life you really want to – a life that before you embark on this problem may have appeared to be “just a dream”

How to make your dreams come true?

Your complete mind, body, soul and life transformation starts as soon as you commence on the programme, the programme is personalised to you and tailored specifically to your needs. This programme runs over 7 months and houses 3 phases during which you have my full time commitment, assistance coaching and support, the 3 phases are as follows –

PHASE 1 – this is where the transformation begins and also my full time coaching, assistance and support for you commences. Following on from our initial consultation I will then send to you the outline of your daily dairy and various tasks I will be wanting you to carry out, which both starts the change process going and also enables me to gather as much information as possible to tailor make all work carried out which means that I am able to assist you in creating change and results in the quickest way possible. As well as carrying out a daily dairy and tasks I also include an additional “Self Discovery Coaching Session” where I create for you your own 6 / 7 page personal profile and then coach you through this. This profile brings out all your natural strengths, drives, talents, motivations, your true essence and who you really are which means that you can start to create a life completely in alignment with who you really are and how you prefer to work and interact with others, making creating results and success far easier as you will be drawing on your natural strengths. This profile is then yours to take away and bring into all work we carry out together, this then takes us up to Phase 2.

PHASE 2 – this is your 7 / 8 hour Personal Breakthrough Session where you experience complete mind, body and spirit transformation. Due to the way the session is structured you are able to work through many areas on multiple levels simultaneously creating quick, deep and lasting change. Working on the premise that problems and areas for change sit within a hierarchy in the mind and at the top of this hierarchy sits a lynch pin or root cause, by a series of skilled questions this lynch pin will be discovered, meaning that we can then remove the lynch pin that is holding the whole hierarchy together meaning that the hierarchy can no longer stand and the problems disappear. Another way to look at it is that problems a person is experiencing whether this be low confidence, a phobia, stress, weight problems, or health issues are often symptoms of the same problem being expressed in different ways in different situations and by discovering what is behind these symptoms means that the symptoms can be changed.

Once we have the root cause, I then guide you through many powerful deep change and therapeutic techniques to enable you in resolving a life times worth of baggage there and then and removing anything in the way of you having the health, wealth, happiness and life you truly deserve and desire, techniques that as well as enabling you to create the change you want on the day you are also empowered with as new mental skills tools and techniques to use for your own ongoing personal development and success, a process which I guide and mentor you through following on from your Breakthrough Session (Phase 3 outlined below).

I work with you until you know that you have resolved all mental, emotional and spiritual blocks you were experiencing hindering your success and causing you to experience the problems and set backs that you were. These techniques include Time Line Therapy tm a quick and easy way to assist you in removing any negative emotions from the past, emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt and also any limiting decisions and beliefs you may hold about yourself such as “I cant have success”, ”I’m not good enough” meaning that you have completely cleared the emotional and mental deck from the past and present and remove any beliefs that were in the way of your success so that you can have all the emotions and beliefs that will best serve you now creating mental hierarchies that empower and work for you! I teach you concepts and areas of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), we work with Hypnotherapy and I teach you Self Hypnosis, Reiki, Shamanic Techniques, Ancient Hawaiian Huna, breathing techniques, mediation, visualisations, goal setting, how to programme your future, value discovery and any other approaches tools and techniques I know will most quickly assist you in creating the change and transformation you want on the day that lets you know all your problems have been resolved and are gone for good. I work with you until you know the session has worked for you, you are totally 100% convinced that all the problems and areas for changed have been resolved and you 100% have all you need from a mental / emotional and spiritual point of view to go forward and create the ongoing results, success, change and transformation in all areas of your life, a process I then coach, guide and assist you through = Phase 3.

PHASE 3, your 6 months personal development complete life transformation coaching programme. Now that you have completely transformed yourself its time to ripple out this transformation into all areas of your life. We work together with a series of weekly tasks and coaching sessions so as you can discover your values for all areas of life, this is to bring into your awareness what is really and truly important to you in each and every area from HEALTH TO PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT and SPIRITUALIY. When we know what is really important to us we then have hot buttons of natural motivation to achieve, we work to create goals for you to work towards in all areas, goals that are in complete alignment with who you are and what’s important to you meaning that you achieve these goals easily and effortlessly and you have a life completely in balance with wonderful goals to work towards in each and every segment that makes our wheel of life!

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Areas this programme covers –

Low confidence
Eyesight problems
Memory Loss
All phobias – needles, sick, flying, public speaking etc
Health Problems – IBS, asthma, cancer, allergies, eczema, psoriasis and more
Abuse and abusive relationships
Sexual Problems
Gender and sexuality Issues
Block and stutter / stammer
Low motivation
Lost in life
Low Self Esteem
Pain Control
Becoming Self Employed
Becoming Employed

If you have a problem or feel unable to create the change and results you want that isn’t listed here then I will happily share how this is the right approach for you!




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