Could NLP be the path to your true potential?

Are you aware of what your true potential is? Do you know what is really possible in life? Have you ever considered the effect of our thoughts, language and focus has on our mind, our body, health and ability to achieve? Would it be of great value to you to know how your mind really works and how best to work with your mind meaning that you can create results and success easily and effortlessly – well NLP is a manual for our mind and works with the mind that runs the body, the manual that we were never given at birth that if we had we may have lived a completely different life than the path we chose because we thought we “had to”.

Why NLP?

Imagine understanding and knowing the language of the mind and how we each have our own unique way of processing and interpreting all information that comes into our senses, imagine realising that you have two minds that work very differently and when work together effectively and in the way they were meant to we really can achieve our dreams and all that previously before we may have perceived as impossible, imagine being able to rewire your mind and nervous system to create new choices, abilities, beliefs and behaviours for yourself to have more of what you want in life and be more of who you really are!

What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. Neuro represents the nervous system and how we can cleanse expand and make changes and new neurological connections to increase our ability and potential…did you know that we have as close to infinite neurological connections within the nervous system, more than we will ever need to function perfectly and that we are probably only using about 10% of our true potential and maximum capability. The nervous system acts almost like a phone system and can be re-routed if one path is busy, so by discovering where the blocks are we then have the choice to either remove this block and or re-route creating a new and different path. Linguistic represents language, this will be both the language used by Claire to assist you in most quickly creating change and the results you desire and she will also teach you about how to use language to most effectively work with your mind to create ongoing transformation in all areas of life. Programming represents the programmes that we run within our mind. You can look at the mind like a computer with programmes running in many different areas to achieve different outcomes, we have programmes for everything from falling in love to how we know we have made a good decisions, as humans we have programmes that will work for us and ones that are no longer working, by finding the ones that are no longer working or causing us problems then these programmes can be changed to create the results we want!

How does it work?

The Unconscious Mind is an infinite mind of infinite possibilities; this mind is taking in through our senses 12 million bits of information every second. This amount of information is then filtered down into an amount that we can consciously hold onto and pay attention to. The Conscious Mind can pay attention to between 5-9 chunks of information at any one time, therefore it would be impossible to pay attention to 12 million bits of information every second all day. This filtering system that sits within the mind is called in NLP our “Model of the World” its how we interpret the information / situations and circumstances we come across, how we make sense of the world. Each persons own Model of the World is completely unique to them and it is by working with this uniqueness that we can pin point exactly which parts and filters need to be changed and rearranged to enable the person to stop experiencing problems and start experiencing success and we can also learn ways to bring out another’s Model of the World so as we can best communicate and interact with them whether this be one on one or even in groups to get the utmost best out of all relationships with both ourselves and others

What if?

You knew about who you really are and what makes you “tick” and how you can now get the most out of both yourself and all those you interact with, you are now free of limiting beliefs, emotions and thought patterns, you are completely “re-wired” and re-jigged and running on full, increasing and maximising your potential and flexibility of your nervous system and potential with every step you take, running at only 10% ability is now a thing of the past, you are free of barriers, you know how your mind really works and how to best work with your mind to create ongoing success, results and transformation in every area of your life!


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