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Could Time Line Therapy ® be the key to emotional balance and calm?

Did you know that it is totally possible to be in complete emotional balance meaning that we are giving our mind and body the full amount of energy and vitality needed to be in great health and also in the best place to get the most out of who we are and our interactions with others – no matter how stretching they may be at times, do you often find yourself over-stressed and full of emotion? Are there times when you react a certain way and then when you calm down you say, “I don’t know why I did that it just wasn’t me”. Emotions are important and all part of being human and being full of emotion, over stressed, angry and argumentative are the opposite of how we are meant to be and often due to people not knowing that there is any other way to be. Learn how Time Line Therapy ® can clear the emotional deck from the past to enable us to be in a place of emotional balance, peace and calm!

Why Time Line Therapy ®?

Imagine knowing that you can have all the happiness, love and fun you wish and be in a place of emotional calm and balance, imagine having a quick and easy powerful skill that enabled you to remove any negative emotions from the past and limiting decisions so you are free of a life times worth of baggage and empowered with the energy, drive, beliefs and motivations necessary for you to be, do and have all that you want, imagine having ways to learn from the past and any mistakes you may have made to ensure that was the last time they ever happen and you know you will do things differently next time to most quickly create the success and results you want, so sayings like “this always happens to me” is a phrase of the past unless you are talking about good things and success!

What is Time Line Therapy ®?


Time Line Therapy ® is a quick, easy and powerful “content free” technique, it is a unique technique that works very differently to all other talking therapies, many approaches within the therapeutic world are very content based and have the person talk over and through their problems and while it is good that there are many different approaches to suit different peoples styles I have found this technique the most powerful when wanting to remove negative emotions and limiting beliefs; and creates change and results most quickly! Working with many who have gone through the talking approach for years to get the result they want within a couple of hours if not sooner using this technique AND many people want to avoid having to go through and go over difficult situations as once was more than enough so with this technique you can release emotions no matter how big for the person without ever having to feel them – which makes change very comfortable and easy PLUS this approach enables the person to get the learning’s they need from the past to ensure they create their future the way they really want it to be. This approach works on the premise that we all have our own time storage device within the mind so as we know when today is, when yesterday and tomorrow are too. Within this mind also sit our emotions, past present and future. You will be guided through each emotion from the past one at a time starting with anger, you will be asked to bring to mind any event from the past that you can access the emotion on, you are then guided through the techniques which takes about 5 – 10 minutes at the very most, you remove all anger from the past, gain new learning’s and then when the process is complete you bring to mind the same event and notice that the emotion has totally disappeared and also how different you feel in the present. We keep going until you have removed all negative emotions from the past and you also check into the future to notice how you feel and experience yourself differently as the way you are feeling, now is just about that event whereas before you let go of the emotions from the past it was about that event PLUS the emotions from the past all coming through at once as if we had plugged in the Christmas tree lights and see how they all light up together! Once the emotion has gone from the past it acts the same as if we removed the wire from the lights as the chain is now gone – so we just feel one light at that point in time, the emotion we are supposed to be feeling that is just about that event and there and then!


How does Time Line Therapy ® work?

The Unconscious Mind is an infinite power house of ability and potential and carries out all these wonderful jobs and roles for us each and every day, roles that we often take for granted. This mind runs our bodies, beats our heart, breathes for us when we go to sleep, houses all our beliefs and emotions and much much more. This is the mind of wonderment, imagination and instinct and the more we gain back the rapport we once had as a small child the more magic, mystery, happiness, good health and success we will experience as an adult, it is each and every persons birth right to live a life of happiness, good health and abundance, what ever that abundance may be to us. The emotions that we experience and are housed within this mind are important and all part of being human, they are there to alert us to something we need to pay attention to. Both positive and negative emotions are important and are meant to be experienced when just about the event, what I mean by this is there are likely to be situations we are in whether it be the loss of a loved one to someone being dishonest to us that will have us feel a certain way and when a person has a build up of emotions from the past then this is also highlighted and often felt all at once, which makes the process of feeling far more uncomfortable and often unmanageable for the person so they feel overwhelmed and unable to feel emotionally in control – road rage being an extreme and classic example of how a build up of emotions can come out all at once so the person behaves out of character and is in the red mist. Once the event has been and gone still having the emotion serves no purpose and has people experience overwhelm, stress, anxiety and for some the build up of emotion can lead to depression AND the reason that the emotion is still there is because the persons Unconscious Mind needs to learn, they need to learn learning’s that if they knew at the time they would have done things completely differently, so this technique is like the gift of hindsight, a life times worth of hindsight in 10 minutes or less, so as we can stop these problem experiences, do things differently and experience situations the way we want to and when we feel emotions it is just about that situation so far far easier to mange and when we feel we are getting a bit “full” of emotion you then use the technique again so clear the deck, so a mental spring clean as often as you feel is appropriate for you and you are able to then fill yourself with as much happiness, love and joy as you wish!

What if?

You knew that your future can be different from your past and you can be completely free of any emotional baggage and limiting beliefs you may have had about yourself, what then would be truly possible? Imagine feeling totally confident and able to achieve anything you wanted to! You were now able to be free of any beliefs that you thought you just had to put up with, beliefs that where putting a ceiling on your success and hindering your happiness, you are free of making the same mistakes, attracting the wrong partner for you and aware of what now is truly capable and you are empowered with tools and techniques to continually develop yourself mentally and emotionally to have more and more of what you have always wanted in a place of emotional, calm and balance, imagine that feeling of being free of your past a burden that seemed to be weighing you down, following you around and at one point acting as a template to create your future, imagine now creating your life with a different and exciting template, free of anxieties, overwhelm, depression, phobias, worries and any other emotional or mental problems you were experiencing – well there is no need to imagine anymore you can start to make this happen today!




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