Have you ever wondered what gives some people the edge when it comes to sales and business? Do you know and come across some people who appear to have natural charisma and rapport whether this be one on one or in groups, would you like to be able to learn how to speak in the language of your clients and customers and how to match their need and value with the product / service / training package you are offering?

NLP which stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming is a fantastic model to really enhance our abilities within the world of business and within many areas including rapport, communication, sales to ensuring your clients and customers get the most value and satisfaction from the service you are offering.

NLP was created by modeling excellence, looking at people who were excellent at what they did and finding out how another can then replicate this same excellence, NLP gives us a tool box of methodologies to gain an in-depth understanding of the individuality of each persons mind, how we can work with that individuality and how we can also make changes if their are various elements, patterns, processes or cycles a person is going through that are not serving them in anyway.

When it comes to sales and business there are many different factors to consider, building rapport would be the first and NLP teaches us how we can do this consistently. Rapport being that state of closeness, you know when you feel like you have met this person before, this state of closeness builds tryst and liking between two people which inherently then has the conversation flow more naturally…how many of you reading now have had a sales person on the phone, who while we all appreciate they are doing their job and doing to the best of the ability, it seems that they are reading of a script and not listening to what you are saying and no matter how many times you say “no thank you” that appears to not be in their vocabulary and they push harder…in these situations, it may even be tat the person on the other end of the phone is interested in what is being sold and would want to buy if the approach and style had been different.

As the first point of sales will be either a meeting or phone call learning how to build rapport eloquently enables the whole process to be comfortable, natural and enjoyable for both parties. NLP also then enable us to get an understanding of how each persons mind is working, what language they are speaking within their mind, how they are processing information so we can then start to talk in their minds language which again makes the whole process, easy and comfortable…. as a sales person this also will have you stand out as you will be approaching selling in a completely different and potentially new way than each person has experiences before. Because they feel comfortable and relaxed they are more able also to express their feelings and thoughts meaning that the whole process is more engaging for them.

We can also then make sure that the client is gaining immense value from what they are buying, that they know this is the right product / service / training for them and also be able to feed back to them the steps they require to know they have made these steps for themselves.

Maybe you don’t work in sales and in some way or other will be selling yourself, this may be in a job interview, presentation…or it could be even meet new friends…in all situations we as humans are selling ourselves and who we are in on way or another and NLP enables us to be able to do this easily, with elegance whilst still being true to who you are and offering utmost value to yourself and all those with whom you interact.

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