Could a personalised Numerology Profile be the key to your true potential?

Do you feel that maybe there is more to life than you are currently experiencing? Do you feel that maybe you are on the wrong path, but not quite sure what the right one is? Are you unhappy in your job but not really quite sure what else you could do and how you would do it? Would you be interested in gaining insights about your personality and knowing what drives you at the deepest level of who you are?

Why Numerology Coaching?

Imagine really understanding yourself and your personality. Imagine knowing what really gets you going deep inside, on top of this you know your natural talents, natural way of problem solving and even what was meant for you in your golden years – wouldn’t your life have more value and substance? You would be able to have a career, relationships and so much more, which are in complete alignment with who you really are and what you want!

What is Numerology Coaching?

Numerology is the study of numbers, the meaning behind numbers and how they link into words and letters and how we can use this knowledge to gather such information as internal personality, life purpose and so much more. The theory behind Numerology is very closely linked to the believed energy behind each of the numbers and if we tap into this energy it has the same effect as swimming with the tide towards what we desire rather than swimming against it. From just your full name at birth and birth date the Numerology Coach will compile a detailed Numerology Profile and then take you through a Numerology Coaching session where all the insights will be delivered and you are free to ask any questions and discuss any possible personal insights which may present themselves during the session

How does it work?

The Numerology Coach, by way of a unique model, will assign the relevant numbers to the various letters of your name, combing this with your birth date your own personal Numerology Profile is created highlighting and bringing out all your own personal skills, strengths, drives and talents enabling you to get an even better understanding and grasp of who you really are and how you really want to live your life. During the Numerology Coaching Session you are able to ask any questions that may arise and also share any insights. You will learn how you can work with your profile to be more of who you really are and create a life in alignment with the real you. At the end of the Numerology Coaching Session your profile is yours to take away, read at your leisure, work with and also come back to the Numerology Coach with any ongoing question you may have. You will also have a better understanding of how to work with the energy of the numbers for contexts such as picking good dates for certain activities.

What if?

You could wake up tomorrow and be full of energy, knowing who you really are at a deep level, you know your natural strengths, drives and talents and also have already started thinking about how you can create a life using these fantastic abilities you have, you have started to tap into your real and true potential and the excitement is bubbling for you about what this really means, what does it really mean to live and be my true potential and what steps do I need to take the make this dream become real – if you could have a picture of that what would it be, you may have a feeling sound or even a taste – to make this into a reality contact us now for a free consultation with our Numerology Coach Claire Hegarty

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