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clairepicmoanHave you heard the word shopaholic? A shopaholic is a term that people will use when you go out and love to shop, let’s face it most women love to shop and some men like to shop as well and some of your friends may say to you in a joking way that you are a shopaholic. But what happens if you being a shopaholic and your enjoyment for shopping goes too far and you spend and spend on things that you do not even need or want?

What if you rack up bills on lots of different credit cards and spend money on your enjoyment for shopping instead of paying bills? This is when you enjoyment for shopping gets out of control and your enjoyment for shopping is no longer enjoyment and no longer are you a shopaholic, instead it becomes much more serious and you become a compulsive shopper and have a serious addiction to shopping problem.

Addiction to shopping which is more commonly known as compulsive buying disorder is not uncommon, compulsive buying disorder has been around for many years and people are now only becoming more away of it because of the huge access to the media we have such as the internet, television and of course newspapers. At the start of the twentieth century compulsive shopping was defined as a psychiatric disorder.

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Although compulsive shopping addiction is good news for the retail outlets wanting to increase their profits, addiction to shopping is not good for you, your pocket or the stress that it will put on your loved ones. With the increase in retail outlets and the huge increase in consumer products that are on offer, compulsive shopping disorder is on the increase with more and more people being affected by the addiction to shopping disorder.

clairehegartymediaCompulsive shopping disorder is also on the increase because of the wider television channels that are now available showing adverts. Since the introduction of Sky Television with their many television channels, the number of adverts being shown on the television has now increased. This means that with the huge increase in adverts and the huge increase in products being promoted, more and more people are now getting tempted to buy products they see on television even if they do not really want them or cannot really afford them.

It is also true that shopping channels has helped increase the temptation of people suffering from addiction to shopping. With all the so called cheap products being promoted on the shopping channels, people who have compulsive shopping disorder are finding themselves glued to the television screen and looking for a bargain, even if they do not really want the product.

Unlike other forms of addiction such as gambling, smoking and drinking where the adverts for these have been reduced or even banned by the government, it would be impossible to put in place guidelines to reduce the number of adverts for consumer products or put guidelines in place that make the products less attractive to buy. The whole idea of consumer product adverts is to tempt you to buy, for example buy one get one free offers but when you are addicted to shopping this temptation is helping increase your compulsive shopping disorder.

One of the main reasons why shopping addiction is also on the increase is because of the present climate where people are not feeling as happy as they once were. With all the economic problems the UK are having and with people worried about their jobs and the high increase in household bills such as mortgages and gas and electric bills, shopping makes us feel happier and complete. When we buy something for ourselves it is a treat and makes us feel better, and this is why people who are addicted to shopping find it hard to stop. For that minute, buying themselves something even though they know they cannot afford it makes them feel better.

People who have a shopping addiction disorder will turn to their addiction when they feel low, they will use shopping as a way of escaping any negative feelings they may have which may include depression, anxiety or low self-esteem, they may even turn to shopping out of boredom and as a way of making themselves happy. Instead of talking to someone about their problems such as family and friends, they will instead go out shopping and continue with their addiction.

A lot of people think that it is just the person who suffers from addiction to shopping that is affected but this is not the case. Compulsive shopping disorder also affects the people around the person who has a problem with shopping; loved ones are affected including husband/wife, children, mum and dad as well as friends and even work colleagues around you.

As with any type of addiction, the person who is suffering from compulsive shopping will hide it from their family and friends. They could start to act differently and could start to lie about things which includes financial matters such as lying about paying bills which they have instead used the money for their addiction.

Although you may not think compulsive shopping disorder is as serious as other addictions such as alcohol addiction, the truth is it is just as disruptive and as dangerous. The seriousness of compulsive shopping disorder can be very severe, as mentioned it can bring stress amongst loved ones and family members as well as financial hardship that can lead to the break-up of marriages, relationships and families and in some more serious cases get can lead the person who suffers from shopping addiction to turn to crime to pay for their addiction.

What Can Cause Compulsive Shopping Disorder

There are many reasons why someone will become addicted to shopping, these can include:

  • Emotional deprivation in childhood
  • Inability to tolerate negative feelings
  • Need to fill an inner void
  • Excitement seeking
  • Approval seeking
  • Perfectionism
  • Genuinely impulsive and compulsive
  • Need to gain control

Can People With Compulsive Shopping Disorder Be Helped?

Many people who have an addiction do not know where to get help and this is the same with people who are addicted to shopping. When you have any form of addiction it is hard to ask for help but there is help available and Claire Hegarty is here to help you.

Compulsive Shopping Disorder does not have to take over your life, you and your family do not have to be ripped apart by this serious addiction, you can receive help and you can lead a normal life thanks to powerful techniques that Claire Hegarty uses to help people who are shopaholics and addicted to shopping.

Claire Hegarty who has been featured in the media many times as well as appearing on television and being interviewed on radio as well as hosting her own health radio show will use a combination of advanced Hypnotherapy, NLP which stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming as well as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to identify the reason for your addiction and help you to overcome your addiction and allow you to lead a normal, happier lifestyle.

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