Do you run your own business or often consider being your own boss? Do you find that with just you in your business you are often running on empty and flat out to get everything done, sleepless nights being a common time to run through the emails and tasks for the next day when you so long for a rest, or maybe there are a few of you within your business and having ways to most easily manage a group of people insuring everyone is in the correct roles for them so drawing together as a team rather than battling apart would make your business even more productive and profitable? Well read on to learn more about how you can maximise yours and your businesses potential by booking on my Business Excellence Coaching Programme meaning you can start to now get the most out of each and every day!

Why my Business Excellence Coaching Programme?

Imagine knowing you are in the right business for you, drawing on your strengths and talents, you have found a way to work your hobby and how you are able to make a good living doing all that you enjoy rather than find a chore, work stops being work and more of a pleasure to the point where you will have to take yourself away from your work at the end of each day rather than that feeling of having to force yourself out of bed every day, you have a way of working your business, sales and profit model that works for you and is in alignment with your truest self and you are now easily and effortlessly achieving all of your business goals and objective whether you are running your business alone or in a team! Also, you are empowered with the latest leading edge Business Excellence and Personal Development tools and techniques to continue to create more and more success day by day!

What is Business Excellence Coaching?

Business Excellence Coaching is a unique and tailored coaching programme that enables you to maximise the true potential of you and your business, whether you are already running your own business or wanting to set up a new business for the first time. We will start with a detailed consultation about your current situation, needs and wants and from this I will know what needs to happen to most quickly get you there and on the path to Excellence. Depending on what may currently be hindering you or blocking your path to success this may start with my BREAKTHROUGH SESSION to enable you in removing any fears and negative emotions that come up for you when you think about embarking on this new path…many think that they can only be motivated by these fears and that they just have to keep going carrying them around, I show you how you can be motivated without fear and always towards success rather than fearing failure, freeing yourself of any fears and limitations to your success so you bring out your true potential and then ripple this through all areas of your business, I will teach you how to sell in a way that works and is in most alignment with you and your business, how to structure all marketing and promotional material and also how to create a brand that resonates so deeply with your customers that you act like a beacon attracting them to you, I teach you how to set business goals and targets in a way that works, quickly putting your business into profit and how to have enough hours left at the end of each day to have fun with family and friends!

How does Business Excellence Coaching work?

This programme works in the best way that you work and is always tailored to you, we look at you and your business holistically and as a whole…many business models are very about structure and process and leave out a very important and vital area, the beliefs, motivations, strengths, energy and drives of the person running the business. You can have the best business model in the world if the person attempting to work this model, has low expectations, limiting beliefs about their success, potential and what is possible, is over stressed and running on fears about what may happen – then they will soon realise by working with me that they are going to be far more productive and successful once they are free of all the previous limitations, negative emotions and any other barriers that they used to have PLUS while it is still possible to be successful and fight through the fears, its far easier and more enjoyable to keep being successful without fear and with happiness, excitement and enjoyment in its place. We first work to discover where you are as a person, what you believe is possible, what type of business you really want to run, what emotions you have associated with your business or with setting up a business, finding out which ones are working for you and which ones you are best without, then with many powerful deep change and coaching techniques I guide you through removing any mental or emotional limitations so you can easily create success and have all the energy back to you that was being taken up by the old emotions that have now gone, then when you have all you need as the Business Owner from an energy, vitality, beliefs, outlook and emotions perspective, we then work to create your brand, your marketing material, I coach you in sales techniques, rapport on and off the phone and all the skills necessary for you to easily run your business successfully and create a Business Coaching structure to most quickly assist you into excellence!

What if?

You knew it was a fore gone conclusion that no matter where you are on your Business path that you are in the right Business for you and you will make it a success, you are drawing on your strength and able to have a brand, sales approach, website and marketing material all in complete alignment with who you are attracting clients and costumers who resonate with you at the deepest level, you are free of limiting fears and beliefs about what is possible and are empowered with many of the most leading edge and powerful personal development and Business Excellence tools and techniques to continue to cerate more and more success all within your own tailored business coaching programme with me there for guidance, assistance and support any time you wish!




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