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Welcome to Warrington Hypnotherapy with the well-known health expert Claire Hegarty who is a Hypnosis and NLP Expert as seen on TV and Always Heard on the Radio. If you are looking for Hypnotherapy in Warrington to help you with any issues you may have which could be anything from Memory, Motivation, Phobias, Exam help, Confidence Building, Depression, Anxiety and Stress Management, Weight Loss and Weight Management to you would like to Stop Smoking then Claire Hegarty can help you.

Claire Hegarty has become one of the most popular and well known hypnosis experts in the UK with her extensive qualifications and her vast range of experience. Not only is Claire Hegarty an experienced and highly respected Hypnotherapy expert in Warrington as well as the whole of the UK, she is also a Health Radio Presenter where she offers advice and help to her listeners.

There are a very few in the field of hypnosis with her level of skill, experience covering those of all ages and walks of life in areas including block and stutter, phobias, stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, eating disorders, asthma, eczma, psoriasis, cancer, allergies, IBS, UC, fear of public speaking, Life Coaching, Business Coaching, low confidence, sexual problems, gender issues, low motivation, weight loss, low self-esteem, business start-up, business coaching, brand development, weight loss with Trance Band and Hypno Gastric Band and much more!

If you are looking for Hypnotherapy in Warrington or Life Coaching and Business Coaching to help you change your life then by using our powerful techniques such as Hypnosis, NLP, EFT, Cognitive therapy and Trance Band you will be rest assured that our Warrington Hypnotherapy services can help you achieve your goals and make a positive change to your life.

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As well as offering Hypnotherapy in Warrington, Claire also teaches NLP and teaches other Hypnotherapy Practitioners who come all over the UK to attend one of her many accredited NLP Practitioner Courses and Master Practitioner Courses to gain more qualifications and become more qualified and experienced in the world of hypnosis and NLP as well as weight loss and weight management with her Hypnotherapy Band course, Trance Band Hypnotherapy Band.

Trance Band is a powerful technique that allows people who are looking to lose weight with a Hypnotherapy Band to lose weight without dieting and with Claire Hegarty being the inventor of Trance Band and being a leading expert in Hypno Gastric Band, she offers extensive courses to other highly qualified Hypnosis Practitioners to allow them to help people to lose weight.

People in Warrington know that hypnosis can help with issues such as stop smoking, weight loss and treating phobias such as being scared of height or afraid of flying and even scared of exams and job interviews but did you know that hypnosis can also help you with your driving test and to become better at public speaking as well as dating and relationships.

If you are looking for a Warrington Hypnotherapy expert to help you improve your life and would like free advice or would like a free consultation then please call our head office in the first instance on 0151 678 3358 or contact Claire Hegarty direct on 07714 853524 where our Warrington Hypnotherapy expert can answer any questions you may have.

Here is just one of the many Testimonials from our Clients

I recently attended a Breakthrough Session with Claire and have since been experiencing a positive change in my life.

Prior to meeting Claire I had been in a rut, well actually a big black hole. For the last six years my life followed one path and that was downhill. Negativity got hold of me and it was time to change.


I cannot explain it, I have tried other therapies but nothing compares to Claire’s methods for change.

I instantly felt the weight fall off my person, I was relaxed and felt happy, more positive and I looked different – Yes looked different. On one of my many visits to the loo I looked in the mirror and was genuinely taken aback by my face, I looked like all the stress had gone out of my face, I looked happy which in turn made me look younger – did that make me feel good – hell yes!

Claire has given me “tools and methods” to use as and when I need to and is now helping me to change the other areas of my life. I am in control of my life and am moving one way and that is UP!

Thank you Claire, you offer something very special, you helped me heal and have taught me and still teaching me how to move forward, creating as I go, in a strong positive way.

For this I thank you.

From GC


Warrington Hypnotherapy Wants To Improve Your Life


If you have found this page then you have been searching for Warring Hypnotherapy or Life Coaching in Warrington which means that you know you would like to use hypnotherapy to help improve your life. Our aim is to help and assist you to have a healthier, positive and a more fulfilled life. With our Warrington hypnosis expert Claire Hegarty we can assist you with many issues which include:


Memory, Motivation, Phobias, Exam help, Being more positive about job interviews, Confidence Building, Depression, Anxiety and Stress Management, Weight Loss and Weight Management with our Hypno Gastric Band technique Trance Band, Stop Smoking, Obesity Problems, Anger Management Therapy, Unwanted Habits and Insomnia to just name a few.


We offer Hypnotherapy services and Life Coaching and Business Coaching in Warrington and around Warrington including:


Appleton Thorn, Bewsey, Blackbrook, Bruche, Callands, Cinnamon Brow, Cobbs, Dallam, Fairfield, Gemini, Gorse Covert, Grange, Hermitage Green, Hollins Green, Howley, Hulme, Kenyon, Latchford, Locking Stumps, Martinscroft, Old Hall, Omega, Longford, Orford, Paddington, Padgate, Risley, Sankey Bridges, Statham, Thelwall, Westbrook, Westy, Wilderspool, Woolston, Wright’s Green


As well as providing hypnotic, NLP and Hypnotherapy Band services we also provide counselling, relationship advice, Life Coaching, Business Coaching and many more services.


If you have an issue in your life and you would like life changing results and you would like the well-known health expert Claire Hegarty to help you then please do call our head office on 0151 678 3358 or you can contact Claire Hegarty direct by calling 07714 853524


We also offer our Hypnotherapy and Hypnotherapy Band for weight loss all over the UK including:


Bath Hypnotherapy, Birmingham Hypnotherapy, Bradford Hypnotherapy, Brighton and Hove Hypnotherapy, Bristol Hypnotherapy, Cambridge Hypnotherapy, Canterbury Hypnotherapy, Carlisle Hypnotherapy, Chester Hypnotherapy, Chichester Hypnotherapy, Coventry Hypnotherapy, Derby Hypnotherapy, Durham Hypnotherapy, Exeter Hypnotherapy, Gloucester Hypnotherapy, Hereford Hypnotherapy, Hull Hypnotherapy, Lancaster Hypnotherapy, Leeds Hypnotherapy, Leicester Hypnotherapy, Lichfield Hypnotherapy, Lincoln Hypnotherapy, Liverpool Hypnotherapy, London Hypnotherapy, Manchester Hypnotherapy, Newcastle Hypnotherapy, Norwich Hypnotherapy, Nottingham Hypnotherapy, Oxford Hypnotherapy, Peterborough Hypnotherapy, Plymouth Hypnotherapy, Portsmouth Hypnotherapy, Preston Hypnotherapy, Ripon Hypnotherapy, Salford Hypnotherapy, Salisbury Hypnotherapy, Sheffield Hypnotherapy, Southampton Hypnotherapy, Stoke-on-Trent Hypnotherapy, Sunderland Hypnotherapy, Wakefield Hypnotherapy, Westminster Hypnotherapy, Winchester Hypnotherapy, Wolverhampton Hypnotherapy.