clairepicmoanIf you would like to lose weight, stop smoking, combat an addiction, enhance your self confidence, be free of a phobia, get help with anxiety or depression and improve your life using Hypnotherapy, NLP, Time Line Therapy ®,  NLP Coaching, Reiki, Numerology Coaching or maybe you want to become qualified yourself as a practitioner then arrange a consultation to find out more about how Claire’s sessions / unique tailored programmes and Certifications work or attend one of her group sessions / workshops with leading Complementary Health and Life Style expert Claire Hegarty.

Claire is one of the most experienced Breakthrough Therapists and Hypnotherapists within the UK, with experience within the world of Personal Development spanning over 16 years. Due to her level of training and experience she has clients travel from all over the UK and abroad to work with her. During her certification trainings she teaches in a very unique way, sharing her experience of how to get very deep and profound change in a short period of time so her students can also then do the same

Claire offers a friendly and professional approach using an extremely diverse and unique range of personal development, change, therapeutic and coaching techniques and services.

Claire first started her work in personal development and human interaction in 1999, when working as a Scientist for one of the worlds largest blue chip companies. During this time she trained in Advanced Creativity Guidance and Team Management and this was when she first discovered NLP. In 2003 she attended her first Certification Training to become a Certified Practitioner of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy ® and her life has never been the same!

Since that very first Certification training in NLP in 2003 she has continued to train and develop her skills, travelling all over the world to places as far as Hawaii to enable her clients to have access to leading edge techniques within her specialism’s, enabling clients to discover, unlock, maximise and live their true potential. She is highly regarded in her field by her clients / students and those who she mentors along the path and is regularly asked to share her expert advice on by the media, various websites, radio stations and has appeared on TV.

Claire’s commitment to her area of expertise combined with her personalised and dedicated approach means she can offer a truly unique service to those of all ages and walks of life. She has worked with people with a wide range of medical conditions including cancer, psoriasis, IBS, stress, weight loss and block and stutter. Her area of expertise is weight loss and eating disorders and she combines her own unique trademarked Gastric Band Hypnotherapy technique  – TranceBand ® with a unique combination of techniques through her tailored programmes, enabling people to not only successfully lose weight long term, to also change their whole outlook and relationship with food to one that is healthy, positive and sustainable long term. Claire also enables people to gain he confidence, motivation, will power and self esteem that have not experienced for so long due to how they felt about themselves and their body

Claire has a BSc with honours in Chemistry and is a Certified Trainer of NLP, Certified Trainer of Master Time Line Therapy ®, Certified NLP Coach Trainer, Certified Trainer of Hypnotherapy, Certified Archetypal Coach at level of individual and organisation and Certified Reiki Master. Claire’s esoteric studies have also lead her to be Certified in many levels of Shamanic tools and techniques and to be trained in the areas of Numerology, Astrology and Ancient Hawaiian Huna.

Her areas of expertise is very wide ranging and also includes stopping smoking, addictions, anxiety, depression, trauma and much more. Claire also offers various Certification Trainings in NLP, Time Line Therapy ®, Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching at both Practitioner and Master Practitioner levels and also Spiritual Development Courses

She is also a fully accredited member of the ABNLP, ATLT and ABH international bodies requiring both high levels of certification and CPD to maintain accreditation

Claire Hegarty, presents her own weekly radio show “The Health Inspector” where she offers free tips and advice related to a range of topics and areas associated with heath and lifestyle

Claire offers her own unique promise and guarantee when working with her, to find out more call 0151 678 3358 / 07714 853 524 to arrange your consultation to make today be the day you “start to make your dreams come true