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LIVE YOUR LIFE COACHING – its time to start living!

Could Life Coaching be the key to you really living your life?

Do you struggle in life or business? Is every day a chore and filled with dread and stress?

Maybe you long to fulfil your potential but you just don’t know how?

Would you love to live a life filled with drive and passion, where every day was an adventure complete with excitement and happiness?

Do you never have enough energy to do the things you have to do…never mind the things you really want to do?

Are you so desperately looking for a way out but have no idea which way to go? Does your life lack direction and focus and you seem to be scattered here this way and everywhere and you have no idea how to get on track and back aligned with where you were meant to be going?

Learn how “Live Your Coaching” can open the door to your path to success, focus and drive!

Why Live Your Life Coaching?

Imagine knowing what it is that you really want in life and that its totally ok to have what you really want, you are clear, focused and motivated towards what you want in an area of life – lets say career, you know exactly what it is you want and how to make it happen…now imagine that we have been through the whole wheel of life so this is how you feel about all areas of your life…you know exactly what you want, how to make it happen AND you believe will full certainty that it will happen for you – its just now a simple matter of taking action to create real results with your own personal step by step action plan throughout which you have my full support. Imagine having all areas of life in balance, fun and exciting goals to work towards and changes happening before your very eyes!

What is a Live Your Life Coaching?

My Live Your Life Coaching is based in the real world and focused on real world results, it is a way of working with you to accelerate your success in one, many or all areas of life – this can be health, business, relationships, personal development, wealth. I bring in an eclectic and unique mixture of personal development and transformational change technologies including NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy, and even more ancient and powerful techniques from the sacred teachings of Ancient Hawaiian Huna, Reiki and Shamanism, which ever techniques I know will assist you in the quickest period of time to create your desired results.

Every session is very results based and focused – before we start any coaching you will be asked to make an assessment and over view of how each area of life is for you currently, any potential or perceived blocks to you not already having what you want now and also approaches you have already given a go and maybe those you would like to – from this you will have your own wheel of life which we will relate back to regularly and you can use as a gauge for your transformation as you move up and around the wheel. Then taking one area at a time we look at where you are now, where you would like to be, what’s stopping you from already being there, what needs to happen to create these results, what’s important to you in this area, what drives you and gives you motivation so be the end of the session you are fired up and ready to go with specific, simple and realistic goals in place, you have all the beliefs necessary for you to know inside this will happen and you have your own personal coaching and action plan with all the steps needed to make it happen. You will of course have my support ongoing from the session and then we meet back up in a month’s time to review your success and then work through the next area!

How does it work?
By looking at you as a whole person, your business, your health, presenting problem or issue holistically and by way of skilled questioning we will be able to get really clear and focused on what it is that you really want, maybe for the first time you have given yourself permission to verbalise your thoughts, dreams and goals. Using a range of powerful change techniques I will work with you to become really clear, motivated, energised and driven towards what you want and also what needs to happen to get these results, we will look at motivations, desires and work through any presenting blocks that you may perceive in the way of you getting there. You will also have your own personal action plan, with review points to monitor your success – all the time with me there in the background as a support whenever you feel necessary. We have this fantastic tool at our disposal – our Unconscious Mind and nobody tells us really how to use it – I will share all that you need for you to accelerate your levels of success and work with your own amazing powerhouse to be even more of who you are really meant to be and achieve all that you want to achieve in any or all areas of your life!

What if?

Imagine now that you know exactly what you want out of your life, who you really are, you know your purpose and natural strengths and how to live your life in alignment with your true essence. You have evaluated every area of life for now and future and know exactly what needs to happen to evolve your wheel and therefore life to the next level, you and your life are now going somewhere – exactly where you want it to! You are driven, motivated and energised with specific and clear goals to work towards and while you are working towards them you know with certainty that they will come true. Life has gone from uncertainty to clarity, being in the flow and a knowing that this is how it is meant to be – all areas of life in balance, you being you and achieving the levels of success you have always wanted to in every area of your life!

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