So WHY would you want a FREE CONSULTATION with our health expert Claire Hegarty?

Are you struggling to lose weight, combat an addicton, suffer with anxiety, stress, depression? Do you feel you have tried absolutely everything to get help and nothing seems to have given you that major breakthorugh to create long term changes and results

Are you unsure about techniques like Hypnosis because of what you may have seen on TV or at a show and at the same time are curious to know more? Maybe you have already invested so much time and money in getting help and would love to find an approach that really made a difference rather than just “short term quick fixes”

Maybe you have problems with your health or some aspect of your life and you are unsure what can be done about them or indeed if anything can be done?

Have you heard about coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Reiki but are unsure what they all are and feeling a bit unsure about taking a step into the unknown? Have gone down different paths before and seem to have tried everything and nothing seems to work long term for you…well Claire would like to speak with you no matter where you are, whether you know about these techniques are not and what ever other approaches you may have tried before because any questions you have to ask her she will be more than happy to answer as she believes EVERY question is important plus any concerns you may have about whether the techniques will work please do bring these up to her as she wants you to completely understand how these techniques work and more importantly how they will work for you!

WHAT will you get from your Free Consultation?

You will get a friendly, calming and relaxing personalised telephone appointment where you will immediately be put at ease with Claire’s welcoming approach, during this time you will get to share you reasons for wanting to work with Claire, ask any questions you may have and also hear how she explains in simple terms how her sessions work and which approach she knows will most quickly get you the results you want. She will create an ambience that means you feel totally comfortable asking questions, sharing concerns and speaking through your thought processes meaning that you leave feeling happy, motivated and know the value you will get from working with Claire both during your face to face sessions and the high level of ongoing and continued support she will give you away from each session.

Contact Me For a Free Consultation

If you would like a free consultation on any of the services that I offer or to learn more about our services then please contact me on 0151 678 3358 / 07714 853 524 or you can email me