Could Hypnotherapy be the path for you to start to create change?

Do you struggle to lose weight? Are you forever yo-yo dieting losing weight one week to only put it back on the next? Do you suffer with stress and not find it easy to sleep at night? Are you experiencing sexual problems within your relationship? Are you fed up with life as it stands and would love to know how to change who you are to then make changes in your life? Would you like to know how to completely change your mindset and outlook in life to have more of the good stuff and less of the bad? Keep on reading to find out what hypnotherapy can do for you!

Why Hypnotherapy?

Imagine being free of limiting behaviours and thought patterns, you feel great about who you are, you are happy with your body and body image and relationships are now really working for you, stress is becoming less and less and problems that you had been harbouring for maybe a life time have suddenly started to disappear meaning that’s struggles and challenges you were having are now something of the past and you have a new leash for life, your confidence is up, your health is improving and energy and vitality are now there for you as your natural way of being! You have brought out a new you, the real you!

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis are quick and powerful ways to create deep and lasting change, we often attempt to create change with the thinking mind and while this potentially is possible it takes a lot of energy, effort and focus to constantly think ourselves out of a problem we would need to have that thought in our mind all the time each and every day and for most of us with busy lives there are many areas we need to have in our mind throughout the day so to will ourselves to consciously change and do nothing else is impractical and often impossible. When we work with the Unconscious Mind also know as the Subconscious Mind we require focus to know exactly what needs to be changed and the time to create change is dramatically shortened to almost instantaneous as this mind is responsible for all learning, behaviour and change and this mind is very quick in the way it works. Hypnotherapy works with the right mind to create change, in the same way you would put the car in a forward gear to drive forward rather than reverse. By both skilled questioning and structured intervention the Hypnotherapist will quickly be able to unlock the targeted area for change and work with you to re-wire and re-programme the mind to work in ways that has the problems disappear and new ways of feeling, thinking and behaving now available for you!

How does Hypnotherapy work?

The Unconscious Mind is a mind of infinite potential and ability a true powerhouse of possibility housing all of our memories, emotions, beliefs and behaviours. As we go through life we will pick up processes, emotions and beliefs that work for us and others that may have worked up until a point and then have now stopped serving us and may be causing a person to experience problems, set backs and complications within their life. By unlocking what is within the mind that is causing that which a person wants to change and enabling the person to learn what they need to learn they are then empowered to both be without the problem and know what they will do differently instead!

What if?

Imagine being free of a life times worth of baggage that had been hindering your success and goal achievement whether that be losing weight and keeping weight off, being free of low self esteem, having a positive body image or being on the right career path for you, your stress levels have dropped dramatically, you are sleeping well and wake up full of beans knowing now what life is really about and living life free of barriers rather than just existing thinking that you just had to “make do”




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