Are you fed up where you are now? Don’t feel like you fit in? Feel like there is something missing but you’re not quite sure what? You know that there has to be more than this but not quite sure how to find it? Well here is the great news you can find out what it is and find out who you really are and so much more!

Why Archetypal Coaching?

Imagine knowing who you are at the deepest level and being able to resonate this everywhere and live in a world that supports you in being that person in all areas of your life PLUS create your own personal Archetypal Brand which can then be used to be even more successful than you are now and so much more.

What is Archetypal Coaching?

Carl Yung theorised that the most unconscious aspects of who we really are can be divided into 12 distinctive energy pools or Archetypes. Each Archetype correlates to different personality traits and skills, examples would be courage, creativity, passion and resilience. All of the Archetypes also has a flip side, a less helpful side, examples of these would be dependence, weakness, manipulation. The Archetypal coach will take you through various sets of questions and exercises in order to unlock these powerful energies within yourself and in turn opening you up to the wonderful gifts available. Part of these exercises involves the use of a tool called the PMAI TM, this tool produces an Archetypal Profile i.e. a snap shot of which Archetypes are stronger and not so strong at that point in your life – this is really useful information for both client and coach as it gives a guide for any energies that may be stronger than others. The session’s can be a one off – typically 3 – 4 hours, or a course of session’s dependant on the clients desired result.

How does it work?

The Archetypal Coach will guide you through a journey comprising of various exercises. These exercises enable you to discover where you are now and where you would like to move forward to, really understanding what the next step or frontier is for you. In addition to this you will also be guided through understanding, connecting and tapping into each of the 12 Archetypal energies. Following on from this the Archetypal Coach will assist you in discovering which Archetypes resonate with you at the deepest level of who you are and how you can use this in your own personal Archetypal Brand which you can then use to be even more successful in all areas of your life

What if?

You could wake up tomorrow and be full of energy, knowing who you are at the deepest level and where you are about to go. You know who you are, where you are going AND you have all these new resources and gifts available to you to assist you in making this journey even more achievable PLUS you have your own personal brand which is all about you and can be used in all areas from personal to career – if you could have a picture of that what would it be, you may have a feeling sound or even a taste – to make this into a reality contact us now for a free consultation with our Archetypal Coach Claire Hegarty


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