Would you love to be able to get on a plane but the mere thought brings on abject fear and terror? Is the only way you can get onto a plane by taking many sedatives and while this means that you are able to do the travelling you want you would really prefer a solution that was without having to take tablets every time you fly? Do you have a phobia of flying that is so bad you leave scratch marks down the side of the plane every time you fly?

Do you find yourself thinking, “I know how I am feeling is irrational and I just can’t stop”! If you are suffering with a phobia of flying or fear of flying I would recommend you book onto my BREAKTHROUGH AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT COAHING PROGRAMME where you will be able to remove any fears or phobias you have about flying by guiding you through techniques such as TIME LINE THERAPY tm which enables you in removing any fears and negative emotions linked in with flying, this techniques actually; enables to remove all fears from the past that may have built up over time having you experiencing far more emotional that you know rationally you should. The reason for this is explained more when you read here TIME LINE THERAPY tm and as humans when we experience negative emotions in the event they are there for a reason and what can happen is this emotional, if we don’t know of a way to resolve the emotion, can stay in the mind ready for resolution, then as we go forward and experience more of the same it then become stored in the same place and can have us have the experience of all the emotion stored in the place where we have stored fears from the past are all highlight’s as well as that of the present, by using TIME LINE THERAPY tm to clear the emotions from the past we find that either negative emotions such as anger can totally disappear or the emotion we are feeling is just about that event so easy to manage and deal with.

So by working this way you will remove any and all of the emotions you were feeling that had this form of transport and journeying so unpleasant for you to be able to be in a place of piece and calm and for some enjoyment! And because of the way the techniques and session works you will have removed all negative emotions from the past, any limiting beliefs about yourself and created deep and lasting transformation within which will then ripple out into all areas of your life so as well as being free from your phobia of flying you will be in a place to know what else is truly possible within your life and know how to make this happen!




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